10 Things to Prepare For El Nino

by Water Damage Recovery

Property Manager Checklist

10 Things to Prepare For El Nino

With a greater than 90% chance that El Nino will continue through the Northern Hemisphere starting Winter 2015-16 and an 80% chance it continues through Spring 2016, we are tripling our office size and warehouse preparing to serve you.

Just Suggestions For You:

  1. Clear rooftops and gutters of debris
  2. Clear drains and storm drains near property
  3. Get a plumber to snake all lines to prevent backups
  4. Stock up on sandbags for flooding inside units and/or common areas
  5. Make sure flashlights are available
  6. Have a pre-disaster plan in place for all staff
  7. Have emergency kits, water, supplies, etc. just in case
  8. Inform residents of emergency plans and make sure they know where to shut off water and gas in case of an earthquake
  9. Have all emergency numbers and contacts in one central location accessible to all staff
  10. Choose your Emergency Service vendor now so they are prepared to serve you

Emergency Services vendors will be completely overwhelmed. When it rained for 11 days last December, we were getting calls from competitors asking us to take their best clients. Make sure you are on someone’s Priority Client List now!

Another Great (5) Star Review on YELP!

by Water Damage Recovery

The kind words of praise are a wonderful thing after working so hard as a team to get someone’s home back to a pre loss condition.  I do like this review.  It introduces us to several members of our team and speaks to the level of professionalism and coordination we have as a team.  I’ve been in the thick of it with all of these technicians and I trust and rely on them completely!  These home owners were in very good hands from the start and numerous team members came into play on their behalf.  This is how we are successful in providing emergency services restoration.  We are a highly trained and well coordinated team working on your behalf to get your home back to a clean and dry state.


Rick Walker / AMRT, WRT

Welcome to the Water Damage Recovery Blog

by Water Damage Recovery

Here is where you can gain insights, facts and information regarding water damage restoration and mitigation. We’re constantly on the move, traveling from the greater Bay Area to the Sierra Foot Hills and everything in between.  Be it a straight up water damage where things are wet from a clean water pipe failure or a nasty sewage backup, our guys are both brave and experienced in what they do.  While the business of restoration cleanup seams straight forward, turns out there are strict and written protocols to ensure the health and safety of you, your family and our selves.  Stay tuned and check in to see what we are up to in the world of water damage restoration.

Rick Walker / IICRC AMRT, WRT