We Add the Human Touch to Water Damage Restoration in the Bay Area!

Why Our Clients Appreciate Our People-First Approach!

At Fire and Water Damage Recovery, we take pride in recognizing the people affected by the emergencies that we tend to work on. Whether it’s someone’s home or a place of business, we know that these tragic turns have a ripple of consequences that touch many lives.

That’s why we make our guarantee to be onsite quickly. The faster we begin our work, the faster these emergencies can be taken care of and the sooner those affected can get back to their lives. 

When you’re touched by an emergency, make us your first call! We are here to help. Get ahold of us at 510-394-0980!

What You’ll Learn

  • Why our clients appreciate our approach.
  • How our company cares about those we help.
  • What it means to our clients to have the “human factor” in this industry.

Transcript for This Video:

Duc Phan: Mike got us to Water and Fire damage recovery and it was a blessing, because since then he’s made my parents’ life a lot less stressful than it could have been because of their fire, and we’re totally appreciative of him.

At his company, they take the human factor to the next level. That’s the most important piece for me.

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