Flood Cleanup in Northern California that Arrives Fast!

Our Clients Trust Our Fast Response Time in an Emergency

We at Fire and Water Damage Recovery put our clients first. Whether you need flood cleanup in San Francisco, a Board Up in Modesto, or other cleanup services in Northern California, we know that when you call us, it’s an emergency, and it’s our job to be there quickly.

In this short testimonial, our client tells a story about how an accident with a sprinkler company caused a flood in his warehouse space! While they waited for hours for another company to show up, they decided to give us a call, and we were on-site within 25 minutes. 

Every one of our jobs is a ticking clock, and we know! The sooner we’re on-site and engaging in recovery efforts, the more likely we are to salvage items and to prevent long-term damage to the space. 

So if you’re in need of emergency services in the future, make us your first call. We’ll be on the scene ASAP to give you the service you deserve at the speed the situation demands! Learn more about our services by visiting us here, and throw us in your contacts at 1-800-886-1801 and make sure you’re ready in the event of an emergency!

What You’ll Learn

  • How a unique accident can create a flood situation.
  • Why you should make us your first call, so you’re not left standing around in an emergency.
  • How quickly our team responds to your emergency!

Transcript for This Video:

Maria Neumann: What happened yesterday?

Michael Asip: Yesterday, we have another waterhouse location, I happened to be there, escorting the sprinkler company around to change a couple sprinkler heads, and they made a mistake and popped a live line! It proceeded to flood a warehouse space. Here we are, sitting there, now I’m not in charge of it, this is the sprinkler company’s problem, so they’re gonna bring in people… they got a crew, they got a team, it’s their staff, it’s this and that and the other thing. Hours later, nobody had shown up! We just happened to be conversing about something else and I mentioned this to you, gave you his name, and you called the gentleman up and the next thing I know, he comes over and says “we cancelled the other guy, Maria’s coming!” 25 minutes later, you had people onsite!

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