Tips for Preparing for La Niña in the Bay Area

Simple Steps for Safeguarding Against a Wet Season Whether you believe this La Niña season will be soaking wet or a total drought, it never hurts to prepare for the worst! Maria walks you through a basic checklist for La Niña preparedness so that if the worst DOES happen, you’re less likely to be facing an uncooperative insurance company for … Read More

Client Testimonial: Fire Damage Restoration in San Francisco!

We’re Here for You When You Need Help! If you’re in need of complete restoration services in the Bay Area, we’re here to help! This client testimonial gives you great insight into our process and our ability to work with our clients in traumatic times. We know that when you call us, you’re going through something difficult. We want to … Read More

We Add the Human Touch to Water Damage Restoration in the Bay Area!

Why Our Clients Appreciate Our People-First Approach! At Fire and Water Damage Recovery, we take pride in recognizing the people affected by the emergencies that we tend to work on. Whether it’s someone’s home or a place of business, we know that these tragic turns have a ripple of consequences that touch many lives. That’s why we make our guarantee … Read More

You Can Trust Us for Commercial Restoration in San Leandro!

Our Services Can Help You Get Back to Business! In this video, Bobbie Everett of The Wood Connection delivers a powerful testimonial about the wonderful service she received from us at Fire and Water Damage Recovery. When an emergency rises at a commercial site, we know that it puts many people are risk. Livelihoods are on the line, and concerns … Read More

Restoration Services in San Leandro that Puts People First!

Improving Lives for Both Clients and Employees What makes Water and Fire Damage Recovery different from other restoration companies in San Leandro and Northern California? Owner Maria Neumann explains that this difference comes from a place of empathy and caring. Water and Fire Damage Recovery is more than a cleanup service, it’s a business which is focused on improving lives … Read More

Emergency Water Extraction in San Leandro!

Teams Can Be Onsite for Bay Area Damage Cleanup in an Hour and a Half! When you’re experiencing water or fire damage in the Bay Area and need help quickly, make Water and Fire Damage Recovery your first call! We specialize in cleanup in both residential and commercial properties, and can work with you to minimize the damage and the … Read More

Onsite Water Damage Recovery You Can Count On!

Protect Your Valuables with a Team That Cares! We offer the fastest and most thorough fire and water damage recovery services in Northern California, but you don’t have to take our word for it. In this video, a client discusses how quickly our team arrived at a plumbing accident in an apartment building that affected 8 storeys of the complex! … Read More

Flood Cleanup in Northern California that Arrives Fast!

Our Clients Trust Our Fast Response Time in an Emergency We at Fire and Water Damage Recovery put our clients first. Whether you need flood cleanup in San Francisco, a Board Up in Modesto, or other cleanup services in Northern California, we know that when you call us, it’s an emergency, and it’s our job to be there quickly. In … Read More

Board Up Basics

Unfortunately, from time to time you need to board up a building and usually it’s an emergency.  Board ups can be done 3 ways.  Grab a piece of plywood, throw some nails around it, do not worry about what you are nailing the nails into.  Very quick and economical.  Unfortunately, anyone with a hammer can undo what you just did … Read More

Discerning Water Damage

Water damage is not usually due to floods, especially in the Bay Area.  With the rare exception of the overflowing creeks in San Jose and Napa, it is not a flood we are coming to help you with, it is a broken pipe, a broken toilet, a damaged or faulty fire sprinkler, water left on and forgotten or a roof … Read More