Client Testimonial: Fire Damage Restoration in San Francisco!

We’re Here for You When You Need Help!

If you’re in need of complete restoration services in the Bay Area, we’re here to help! This client testimonial gives you great insight into our process and our ability to work with our clients in traumatic times. We know that when you call us, you’re going through something difficult. We want to help and make it significantly less difficult to go through these events.

Questions? We’re easy to get a hold of. Learn more about our services by exploring our website, or better yet, call us today at 510-394-0980! We look forward to helping you understand more about our business so you know exactly why you should get in touch with us quickly after an incident!

What You’ll Learn:

  • How our team helps our clients through hard times.
  • What our services entail.
  • Why having us by your side in an emergency can take the stress off!

Transcript for the Video:

Rachael: Hi, my name is Rachael, I live in San Francisco with my husband Andrew, and back in August of last year, we woke up in the middle of the night to discover that our house was on fire. Several hours later, after the fire department was able to put out the fire, we got connected with Fire and Water Damage Recovery, who was really instrumental in helping us, um, try to, you know, put the pieces back together. And they did everything from mitigation and demolition and moving services, to helping us move back into our house. 

We were out of our house for almost seven months. I’m expecting a baby that’s due in June, um, and we’re now back in our house which feels really good. And a large part of being back and starting to get settled now is all really in part due to their help. We really, you know, couldn’t have done it without them, and just really appreciated their expertise and their kindness and all of their support through this, uh, pretty terrible, uh, stressful, harrowing process.

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