“After a friend recommended them, I called them the day after a fire hydrant accident flooded our utility room and under our garage on a steep down slope lot. Their team was prompt and their attention to detail saved our house from future serious future problems.

They came out almost immediately and evaluated the issues and had a team removing the wet areas the following day. They were very meticulous in finding all the wet areas even in very hard to get to crawl spaces and light fixtures. I could not have been happier with their work and how the team made it extremely easy from the evaluation, to working with insurance company to completely drying our flooded areas. Many thanks go out to their whole team.”

—Kenneth N., May 2021

“Water Damage recovery help us fix an unexpected water issue that affected a wall. They came over the same day we called and provided a detailed breakdown of how best to remedy the issue and provided a detailed estimate the next day. They were the only company who truly knew how to address the issue and suggest additional solutions that no other company even thought of.

We also agreed on a start date and time. On the day the work was to begin they showed up on time, prepped, protected all furniture and appliances and completed the work over the course of the next several days. They always left the job site clean and orderly and were respectful of our home in every way. The owner went out of his way to communicate clearly and provided help and assistance on another small matter outside the scope of work at no extra charge. The results were fantastic and we could not have been more pleased. The work was top notch and the price was fair. We highly recommend them!”

—Priscila O., June, 2021

“We had mold and water damage. They were amazing. Great customer service, very thorough and detailed with explaining to me everything l. I would highly recommend and definitely call if we ever need again. Thank you.”

-April S., August, 2020

“This company did amazing work!!! I had some water damage in my house and looked on yelp to find the best companies to handle it. I am never one to believe all of what the internet says so I booked an estimate for a few companies.

I picked Water Damage Recovery because they gave me straight and honest answers to all the questions I had. They made sure that I fully understood what the problem and the solution was. They understood that having the water damage in my house caused me a great deal of stress and that I just wanted a safe place for my family to live. They didn't sugar coat anything and wanted to ensure that I knew what the damage was as well as what the worst and best outcomes would be so that nothing was a surprise to me and everything was out in the open.

They left equipment at my house and came to check on it daily. They made sure that it was working properly and that things were progressing fast. I got my bill and it was exactly what I expected it to be. My insurance company was able to work with them easily and get the whole thing wrapped up without causing me any problems. Knowing that this company just wanted to make sure that my family and I had a safe place to live made this easy. Being able to go through something like this with no added stress or drama was AMAZING! This company knows their work and how to handle customers. They know how difficult it can be to go through this and so they made it their job to ensure that my family was taken care of."

-Samantha L., 2019

“We had a leak in our bathroom that turned into a lot more, resulting in a ton of water damage to our home and the condo below us. This is never good news, but one good part of it was the experience with the crew from Water Damage Recovery. My husband and I both really appreciate Cody and his crew and their help with this issue. Each time he came, Cody was incredibly respectful of our space, clear with his communication and also hard working and friendly. Mike, the coordinator of the job was also very thorough and helpful. He did a great job speaking with us and the insurance adjusters as well. Overall, they took a crappy situation and helped us through it as efficiently as possible.”

—Erica M., Richmond, CA

“Sunday I woke up to a flooded laundry room and hallway. I called my HOA who called out the HOA's preferred plumber. The plumber came by and told me that I needed to get a water damage recovery company and referred Fire and Water Damage Recovery. I spoke with the dispatch and sent out Oscar in less than an hour. Oscar quickly assessed the situation, let me know that his project manager Christian would be sending me a quote. I received the quote within minutes and signed off on it. Oscar checked the moisture levels, ripped out the carpet and carpet pad, cleaned up all the water, set-up a fan and humidifier, let me know that moisture got underneath the vinyl, and someone would be out on Monday. Oscar did an amazing job and did everything in about 2 hours.

Monday morning, Angel Cruz and Omar Hernandez came out to finish the job. They moved the washer and dryer, ripped out the vinyl, baseboards and particle board. They showed me how much moisture was in the laundry room and it was pretty bad. Angel and Omar were very efficient. I appreciate Angel's transparency when he told me everything that he was doing. Angel and Omar did an amazing and thorough job. Angel and Omar came back on Tuesday to monitor the laundry room and let me know everything was completely dry.

If I could give 10 stars I would! This company and their employees are amazing. I recommend them to anyone who has water damage and needs someone to come out ASAP! ”

—Sandra F., Oakland, CA

“This crew was phenomenal. Orlando and his team helped us through a very difficult remediation process due to a plumbing issue, water damage, and mold. We had no idea how bad things were but they guided us through and were very knowledgeable and thorough. They were very cautious and gentle with the removal of all our kitchen appliances, setting up the work space, prepping, clearing, and cleaning the space. They were reliable and trustworthy. I hope that no one is in need of their services, as it means they have had either water or fire damage, but if so, they are great and helped turn a difficult,stressful situation around. Thank you!!! ”

—Annalise M., Walnut Creek, CA

“Sunday and water was all over our wood floor. We used Yelp to find a local 24/7 clean up team. Water Damage Recovery answered the phone and had a team at our house before the plumber left (they had unclogged the waste line that caused the flood). Team immediately started assessing the moist areas (floors, sheet rock, etc.) with a sensitive meter. They even went into the crawl space under the floor to assess that.

They quickly cleaned the floor to eliminate anything mold might like to grow on. Then they set up about 6 industrial-strength fans, including in the crawl space, and set down a industrial-grade de-humidifier to suck moisture out of the air in that room. They followed up each day after that, always checking on what still had moisture content, and adjusting the fans accordingly. Their quick response and professional action definitely minimized the damage to our wood floor and sheet rock walls.”

—Dan H., Menlo Park, CA

“We hired Fire and Water Damage Recovery to remediate a mold problem in our home. They responded very quickly and were very professional. They kept us fully informed on the progress of the work, they were thorough in finding all the mold, including in our crawl space, and did all the work within the time frame quoted and costs. I would recommend them to anyone who needed their services. ”

—Derek D., Piedmont, CA

“I used Fire & Water Damage Recovery after a pipe broke under my parent’s apartment building. The plumber replaced the pipe but could not remove all the water that had accumulated under the building from the broken pipe. The plumber gave me Fire & Water Damage Recovery’s phone number and I called them. They were wonderful!! They were responsive, communicative and friendly. They showed concern and squeezed me into their already jammed schedule. Angel and Christian came out at the end of their very long shift to get my job done. They were very professional and took care of everything.

I hope never to have water damage in the future, but if I do there is no one else I would call. Fire & Water Damage Recovery’s number is now in my cell phone. Angel and Christian, thank you for doing such a wonderful job!!”

—Dorothea K., San Francisco, CA