Mold Removal

mold removal

Our technicians are certified to the industry’s highest standards.

The Mold Cleanup Center at
Fire & Water Damage Recovery

Mold is a fungus that causes organic matter to decay. It is caused by moisture and thrives on cellulose, which is contained in the drywall that is used to build homes and commercial buildings. And it can start growing in as little as 48 hours after your property has been flooded.

When dealing with mold, the quality of the air is of the utmost concern. Mold presents a variety of health risks that include allergic reactions, fungal infections and poisoning by mycotoxins. Occupants might have to leave the premises because the air is a health hazard.

This makes it extremely important to extract the standing water as soon as possible, since extraction will make the environment less favourable for the growth of mold and other microorganisms.

Technicians certified to our industry’s highest standards

At Fire & Water Damage Recovery our technicians are all IICRC-certified professionals. The IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certifies technicians and develops standards for inspection, cleaning and restoration, and has industry-wide participation in over 25 countries worldwide.

Our certified technicians have the proper training to:

  • Identify moisture sources

  • Evaluate mold growth (suspected or visible)

  • Contain damage to the smallest area possible

  • Physically remove contamination

  • Dry materials to ensure that mold will not return

  • Perform or recommend procedures for returning property to a pre-incident condition


Signs of a mold problem

One sure sign is visible identification of mold. But if the mold is unusual-looking you might not even realize what you are seeing.

Mold can be white, black, gray-green or gray-brown. Some mold is white and thread-like. Mold growing behind wallpaper made of vinyl can even appear pink, orange or purple. Other mold looks like clusters of small black spots.

The warning signs of the presence of mold include:

  • The presence of visible mold

  • A strong, musty smell

  • A high humidity level

  • Allergic symptoms including sore eyes, sneezing and a runny nose

  • Neurological symptoms like headaches, memory loss, trouble concentrating and dizziness

  • Any long-term moisture problems

  • Water stains or discoloration on floors, walls or ceilings

  • Cracking, peeling or bubbling of the wallpaper or paint

  • Bowed, warped or bulging walls

  • The surfaces of walls feel damp

warning signs of mold

Our technicians are trained to locate hidden mold like this which if left unhandled can lead to allergies and other health problems.

Causes of mold

Whether or not mold is growing in your home or business comes down to whether or not you have a moisture problem. Moisture is the main cause of mold growth. Here is a list of moisture-related problems that can cause mold growth.

  • Humidity
  • Leaking pipes
  • Leaks in roof
  • Condensation
  • Poor ventilation
  • Wet clothes
  • Flooding
  • Damp basement
  • Water at the house’s foundation

Mold Inspection & Removal

Fire & Water Damage Recovery blends state-of-the-art inspection equipment with many years of hands on experience to identify the source of the mold, along with possible problem areas in and around your property. The initial walk through of your building to find any sources of mold is done by one of our experienced technicians.

Our technician visually inspects your property for mold. Using sophisticated electronic detection equipment like moisture meters, our technician’s thorough inspection reveals both potential and existing moisture problems in construction materials. Any potential areas of concern discovered during a mold inspection will be photographed and documented, along with existing problems.

Safe Removal procedure

Fire & Water Damage Recovery can safely clean, contain and dispose of mold that’s in your home or business. First our technician cleans off the entire area. A negative air machine that filters the air is set up so that the now clean area is not re-contaminated. At the same time a dehumidifier is actively removing moister from the air to help keep your property dry, preventing new mold growth.

We clean the air and remove anything in the area touched by mold. Our cleaning procedure includes the use of a Hepa dustless vacuum and damp wiping with special anti-microbial detergents. This enables the removal of harmful mold spores and the return of your property as a healthy place to live, work and play.

safe mold removal

Our technicians follow all safety precautions when dealing with mold removal.

Mold Removal guarantee

It’s always best to have the mold evaluated and removed by a certified professional, like those at FWDR. We guarantee all of our services. If one of our mold cleanup and removal services is not done right for whatever reason, we will come back and fix it, Guaranteed.

Tips on selecting a Mold Remediation Company

The repair and clean-up of your property can be expensive. Plus mold presents a dangerous health hazard to you and your family. So it’s critical to be choosey in your selection of a mold remediation company.

  • Only choose a company who guarantees their work.

  • Technicians should be IICRC-certified.

  • Bids should be in writing and specifically itemize all work to be done.

  • Don’t assume something that’s not included in the bid is included in the price, even if it seems trivial.

  • Question any bid that seems out-of-line. Make sure the bidder isn’t taking shortcuts to lower their estimate.

  • Ask in advance what the company charges for change orders. Don’t assume the company will do extra work for the cost of the work alone. Keep in mind that many legitimate companies add a service charge on top of the cost of the work.

  • Review the bid with your insurance company to determine which costs will be covered by your policy and which are your responsibility.

  • If your mortgage lender is involved in the process, make sure the bid payment schedule and bid specifics meet the lender’s requirements.

  • Ask people you know for references. Ask the company for references of satisfied customers and call them before signing a contract. Check their Yelp reviews. If the company isn’t willing to give references, they might be hiding something.

  • Beware of companies who demand payment in full up front, or who say they’ll need final payment before the work is done. Be aware, however, that it’s not unusual for companies to ask for partial payment as work progresses.

If your insurer gives you a list of companies, ask:

  1. How are the vendors selected?

  2. Are there any benefits in selecting a recommended vendor?

  3. If you select a vendor from the insurer’s list, will the work be guaranteed by the insurer?

Your insurer is prohibited from requiring you to use any specific mold remediation company, but may make recommendations. As with any company under consideration, you should check for proper licensing and insurance, ask for a list of references, and review their work before making a decision.

Mold Removal Review

We hired Fire and Water Damage Recovery to remediate a mold problem in our home. They responded very quickly and were very professional. They kept us fully informed on the progress of the work, they were thorough in finding all the mold, including in our crawl space, and did all the work within the timeframe quoted and costs. I would recommend them to anyone who needed their services.

—Derek D., Piedmont CA

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