Tips for Preparing for La Niña in the Bay Area

Simple Steps for Safeguarding Against a Wet Season

Whether you believe this La Niña season will be soaking wet or a total drought, it never hurts to prepare for the worst! Maria walks you through a basic checklist for La Niña preparedness so that if the worst DOES happen, you’re less likely to be facing an uncooperative insurance company for the cleanup!

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why it’s important to prepare for La Niña
  • What steps to take to make sure you’re protected in the event of an emergency.
  • Who to turn to for clean up after an emergency (spoiler: it’s us!)

Transcript of the Video:

Maria: Hi! I’m Maria, and my company is Fire and Water Damage Recovery, and I think I might be the leading expert on La Niña. I’ve read ten websites, five of them say we’re going to have a very wet year in the bay area, and the other five say it’s going to be drought. 

So, I’m pretty sure nobody has any idea what La Niña is going to bring us this year. So I recommend if you don’t want to have water damage, you do a couple things to prepare.

Flat rugs should be swept now. You need to look for any kind of damage, you probably can’t get a roofer. But any kind of water that comes in from outside is considered a maintenance, and you’re gonna have a tough time getting your insurance company to pay for it. So if you just sweep off your roof of any kinds of leaves and garbage, it will keep the water from pooling. 

The other thing is, the gutters need to be cleaned out. If your gutters are cleaned and your water drains right off the roof, you won’t have as much trouble as you would have if everything gets clogged up in pools. Also, just having a clean gutter keeps it from coming down through the siding. 

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