Polite and Professional Insurance Support

Fire & Water Damage Recovery works hand-in-hand with your insurance company to provide you with comprehensive service no matter what size the job. Our many years of experience working with insurance companies and handling insurance claims enable us to make the claim process simple for you.

Our assistance can prevent you from missing important details, help you to intelligently discuss the situation with your insurance adjuster, and allow you to better comprehend the terms of your policy. Furthermore, we work with you through your entire insurance claim to help you get all your benefits.

insurance for fire and water damage recovery

Trusted by the Insurance industry

With well over 20 years of experience working directly with insurance adjusters and agents, FWDR understands the insurance claims process from start to finish, taking the stress off you and making the whole process easier to comprehend. Placing a property claim can be a time-consuming task. Let us make the process easy for you.

We’ll work very closely with your insurance adjuster. FWDR excels in dealing with insurance adjusters and in making sure there are no surprises. We thoroughly document the job so we can send your insurance adjuster photos and any other documentation they deem necessary. Our primary concern is you, the customer, but we also work to keep your insurance company happy, too.

All insurance accepted

Fire & Water Damage Recovery has earned a reputation for attention to detail with major insurance carriers. Let us review your insurance policy and work with your insurance company to help you navigate the paperwork. We offer direct billing to your insurance company. And because of our reputation in the industry, we’re a respected restoration provider for many insurances companies including:

insurance companies

This is just a partial list. We accept all insurance, not only those listed. If you don’t see your insurance company here just give us a call at 510.394.0980. We can quickly check and see if your insurance policy will cover services that we provide.

Your insurance rights

Your insurance carrier is prohibited by law from requiring you to use a specific cleanup and restoration company. They are only allowed to give you a vendor if you ask specifically, and if they do otherwise they are violating the insurance codes.

For example, if you bring your car to the body shop the insurance company recommends, you get a different job than if you go to a company your friend recommends. If you are on the vendor lists of the insurance company, they are your customer, not the home or business owner. The insurance company is beholden to share holders, we are beholden to you.

If your insurer gives you a list of companies, be sure to ask:
  1. How are your vendors selected?

  2. Are there any benefits for me in selecting a recommended vendor?

  3. If I should choose a contractor from the insurer’s list, will the work be guaranteed by the insurer?

Since we opened our doors in 1998 we have never had an insurance agency not pay us because we weren’t on their list. And we’ve never seen a contract where the insurance company made the client use the insurance company’s vendors, either.

Ultimately, insurance companies want the same thing we do: The home or business restored to pre-incident condition and happy, satisfied clients who feel like they’ve been taken care of

To make an appointment, call 510.394.0980 or click here to request an appointment online.