Board Up Basics

Unfortunately, from time to time you need to board up a building and usually it’s an emergency.  Board ups can be done 3 ways.  Grab a piece of plywood, throw some nails around it, do not worry about what you are nailing the nails into.  Very quick and economical.  Unfortunately, anyone with a hammer can undo what you just did … Read More

Discerning Water Damage

Water damage is not usually due to floods, especially in the Bay Area.  With the rare exception of the overflowing creeks in San Jose and Napa, it is not a flood we are coming to help you with, it is a broken pipe, a broken toilet, a damaged or faulty fire sprinkler, water left on and forgotten or a roof … Read More

Contents Solutions: The Go-To Guide For Personal Property Restoration

Every contents team has seen something like it. A fire swept through a large grocery store (part of a chain of 1,200 stores – you probably know which one). Soot was everywhere (even on the 26 ft. ceilings, the walls, the groceries themselves and the floor). There was even dark grime that had worked its way under the plastic wrap … Read More

Get Your Business Back To Business

Fire and Water Damage Recovery (F&WDR) is here to assist you in getting your facility prepared to get back to work. Our disinfection application process includes: Electrostatic sprayer, pump or battery sprayer, or manual spray process Use of hospital grade, EPA approved disinfectants Adherence to CDC guidelines including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) High-frequency touch areas for disinfection application include items … Read More

You are Covered, But Are You Covered Enough?

Homeowners policies A standard homeowners policy will cover fire damage to your home, but you want to make sure the policy limits are going to leave you whole. Many customers are dismayed at how little the insurance companies pay out, it’s not as simple as it cost $80,000 to build it so I’ll get $80,000 in insurance.  You need to … Read More

What to do After a House Fire

The first 24 hours after a house fire is a critical time period.   If the fire department knows anything, restoration companies have heard it on their radios and will send their “chasers” out trying to get you to sign a contract.  Whatever you do, do not make a decision while you are upset.  Fire clean up takes a long time … Read More

What is Ozone and How Can it Help?

What fire does not destroy it often ruins with a smell that permeates everything.   After all visible particulates have been removed, ozone can be a great help. What is Ozone? Ozone is a colorless unstable toxic gas that chemically reacts with particles that it comes into contact with in the air and on surfaces. How Does it Work? Ozone works … Read More

How to Prevent Home Fires

Most home fires are unexpected because they’re started by the most ordinary, everyday tasks that can turn dangerous at a moment’s notice. Things like accidentally turning on a stove burner, forgetting to blow out a candle, or leaving on an electric space heater can turn a normal day into a nightmare. Below you’ll find some tips on how to prevent … Read More

What You Need To Know Before Choosing a Water Damage Recovery Company

No matter how much of a do-it-yourselfer you may profess to be, there are some issues around the house that even you shouldn’t try fixing. One of those problems that every homeowner dreads is water damage. Dealing with water damage in your home is often an overwhelming problem to solve. It’s a disaster that, while often unexpected, usually leads to … Read More

September – How to Handle Water Damage and Mold

1. Begin by trying to lower the humidity inside your home. If its possible to obtain a dehumidifier, install it in the most affected area. (Home Depot or equipment rental companies have dehumidifiers.) 2. Any drywall, carpet and pad, baseboards or flooring needs to be removed to expose the wood framing behind. 3. Once the wood framing is exposed, put … Read More