Water Damage San Jose, CA

Water Damage San JoseAs a homeowner, you may experience different kinds of damage to your home—the worst of them being water damage. San Jose, CA residents should always respond quickly whenever their house becomes flooded or waterlogged. Water damage in San Jose, CA can result in broken appliances and mold growth, and it can even pose great health risks when left too long.

Don’t wait to see how bad water damage in San Jose, CA can get before you hire restoration experts. At Water Damage Recovery, we provide 24/7/365 restoration services for residential and commercial clients. We guarantee prompt, comprehensive, and superb cleanup, repair and restoration for homes, offices, and other buildings with water damage in San Jose, CA.

Categories of Water Damage in San Jose, CA

Not all water damage in San Jose, CA is the same. There are three kinds of water damage in San Jose, CA depending on the kind of restoration needed due to water that enters your property.

Category 1: Clean Water Damage in San Jose, CA

A category 1 classification means that the water damage in San Jose, CA is caused by clean or sanitary water from sources such as water lines, sinks, and toilet tanks. But although the water is clean, it will still cause water damage to San Jose, CA houses.

If your home has been affected by category 1 water damage in San Jose, CA, you should get in touch with professionals for their services such as Water Damage Recovery. Even if the water has been absorbed by the walls and floors of your building, we will ensure that the water damage in San Jose, CA is resolved completely and thoroughly.

Category 2: Gray Water Damage in San Jose, CA

Gray water damage in San Jose, California comes from a source that is contaminated with hazardous microorganisms. This kind of water damage in San Jose, CA can cause illness through direct contact. Usually, the source is a broken sump pump, an overflowing toilet, or a clogged dishwasher.

If you experience this level of water damage in San Jose, CA, removing the water isn’t enough; you have to clean and disinfect the area to prevent health risks. Instead of putting yourself at risk, you should contact professionals like Water Damage Recovery. Our team is fully trained to clean category 2 water damage in San Jose, CA.

Category 3: Black Water Damage in San Jose, CA

Category 3 water damage in San Jose, CA is the most dangerous type of water damage. It involves water with hazardous contaminants such as human fecal matter, flood waters, groundwater, sewage, and chemical waste. This water contains pathogenic, fungal, and viral contaminations, as well as pesticides or heavy metals.

The most common sources of this kind of water damage in San Jose, CA are floods and sewage backups. Black water poses very serious health risks for anyone who comes in contact with it without proper protection. To rid your home of this type of water damage, San Jose, CA homeowners should get in touch with Water Damage Recovery. Our experienced staff possesses the right equipment for removal and flood expertise to not only extract the water but also dry and repair your home. After our repair and removal services, your home will no longer display any signs of flood or water damage in San Jose, CA. Read the following article to learn more about water damage prevention: https://www.houselogic.com/organize-maintain/home-maintenance-tips/how-to-prevent-water-damage/

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If your home or office is exhibiting signs of water damage in San Jose, California, then you should turn to Water Damage Recovery. All of our repair technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and are fully equipped to repair and handle any kind of water damage in San Jose, CA.

To get rid of any water damage in San Jose, CA and bring your home back to its normal condition, get in touch with our business! We are available 24/7. Call our business at 510-351-7510. For immediate services in San Jose, CA, you can also call 800-886-1801. We would love to hear from you!

Water Damage Recovery: The Water Damage Professionals – Water Damage San Jose, CA

What do you do if you suddenly find your home drenched or even submerged in water? You call the professionals of San Jose, CA, for their water damage services! Water Damage Recovery is a local San Jose, CA company that provides various services related to restoring an establishment that’s been submerged in water. From vacuuming excess water to sanitizing the environment, our team of experts can do it all.

What Sets Our Business Apart – Water Damage San Jose, CA

The reason Water Damage Recovery in San Jose, CA should be your go-to company for water damage remediation is that we have the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment for the job. In addition, our San Jose, CA team are committed to providing quality removal, repair, and restoration work to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Water Damage Remediation – Water Damage San Jose, CA

From a water damage flood caused by simple broken pipes to those caused by devastating storms, our San Jose, California team of experts is here to handle your emergencies. We all know how frustrating it can be to have the inside of our property submerged in water; that’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that we act as swift and efficient as possible. Both residential and commercial property owners in need of water damage remediation can call us for removal help!

Residential Water Damage Remediation – Water Damage San Jose, CA

Upon contacting us, we’ll do our best to get to your location within one hour. The first thing our local San Jose, CA team of experts does is to vacuum and extract any remaining water. This cleaning step is highly important because if the remaining water isn’t extracted then it will eventually evaporate and contaminate the walls, ceiling, floor, and other areas of the house. Next, our cleanup services will determine which items need to be thrown away and if the baseboards need to be removed.

If the problem is caused by a broken pipe, we’ll first turn off the pipe before extracting the water. Afterward, we’ll have a plumber repair your pipe to prevent this scenario from happening again. Lastly, we’ll proceed with the total water damage remediation process.

Commercial Water Damage Remediation – Water Damage San Jose, CA

Water damage halts the operation of your company. As such, we’ll make sure to conduct the necessary water damage remediation to ensure that your company is up and running again in no time. Our San Jose team will throw out contaminated items, cleanse the area, replace bad soil, and save as much items as possible.

Our San Jose team has a proven track record of servicing the water damage needs of businesses since 1997. You can rest easy knowing that the future of your San Jose, CA business is in the hands of a proven, established professional.

Water Damage Recovery and More – Water Damage San Jose, CA

Apart from water damage remediation, we also provide other services that are geared toward building a healthier and safer residence. In fact, removing excess water is simply part of the process needed to recover from water damage. Some of our services include:

  • Mold Removal in San Jose, CA: Mold is a fungus that poses various health risks such as fungal infections, allergic reactions, and even poisoning. It can start growing 48 hours after a flood. Luckily, Water Damage Recovery has the needed expertise to handle these types of growth.
  • Sewage Cleanup in San Jose, CA: Sewage leaks aren’t only disgusting; they’re also a major health hazard. Exposure to the bacteria they carry can lead to problems such as hepatitis, Weil’s disease, gastroenteritis, allergic alveolitis, and skin infection, among others.
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Repair in San Jose, CA: At Water Damage Recovery, we also provide the services you need to get your building back to a safe, pre-incident state before a fire.

Excellent Customer Service – Water Damage San Jose, CA

Here at Water Damage Recovery in San Jose, CA, we strive to provide outstanding service every time. Having your beloved home or prized company damaged is very traumatizing. As such, Water Damage Recovery in San Jose, California does everything possible to restore your property to its former state – no molds, no wet spots, no bacteria. We guarantee that your home will be as good as new.

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You can learn more about Water Damage Recovery and what we do by visiting our website. To schedule an appointment with us, call 510-351-7510 or you can check out our contact page. For immediate services, you can dial 800-886-1801.