Job Description – Sales Representative

  • What is the exact title and legal status of the job?

    Company Sales Representative – outside sales

  • In which division is this job located?

    Division 3: Sales and Marketing Division

  • To whom does the employee report?

    Reports to General Manager until such time as a Sales and Marketing Manager is posted.

  • What is the importance of this division in the company activity and what will be its relative importance within the next 3 to 5 years?

    The importance of this position is it is the life line of the company. The health and growth of the company depends on effective promotion to get the word out about the value the company brings to this industry.

  • Is this job a new one or is it a vacancy due to a departure?

    This position is an existing position available due to a departure.

  • What specific challenges are attached to this job?

    • The competition is very determined, aggressive, savvy and extremely diligent veterans at this work referral game
    • In many cases our competitors have existing work referral relationships and in some cases long term and some under contract.
    • Much of the work referral target market are money motivated, fickle, influenced by external gender attributes.
    • The competition dwarfs our marketing budget, possesses a larger and more sophisticated Sales Department and a greater presence in the market place.
  • What products/services are directly or indirectly handled on the job?

    The service being offered is water, mold, and sewage remediation to the customers of plumbers, property managers, contractors, pest control companies, carpet cleaners, home warranty, appliance installation companies, fire sprinkler companies, independent insurance adjusters, insurance agents, facilities managers for commercial buildings, school districts and utility companies

  • What is the purpose of the job – how does it contribute to the purposes of the company?

    The purpose is to make widely known the excellent track record of our customer service and professionalism in the restoration industry. This aligns with the purpose of the company to provide valuable, quality and ethical restoration services to an expanding market setting a high standard of care.

  • What are the precise performance/results expectations?

    Performance expectations are: an expanding base of referring clients resulting in 10-20 referred jobs per week initially reaching into new markets. The sales equivalent should be $10,000 to $20,000 per week, within the first 2-4 months. After that, sales should amount to $30,000/week, as your client base increases.

  • How are those result expectations monitored and measured?

    Statistics of referred jobs directly from the Sales Rep’s marketing efforts are tracked to measure effectiveness. You will refer clients like plumbers, property managers, insurance agents, adjusters, municipalities, etc… The result of these referred jobs will be tracked as the work comes into the company.

  • What are the precise tasks, duties and responsibilities of the job?

    1. To accomplish on Mondays all administrative tasks, research, appointment setting and strategize driving routes for maximum efficiency and effectiveness for Tuesday through Friday visits.
    2. It is expected the Sales Rep will start their day early arriving at 7am to the first plumbing company meeting clients and prospective clients until 3:30-4pm.
    3. The Sales Rep will bring breakfast treats and do presentations at early morning plumber meetings and a variety of venues including lunch.
    4. To give presentations at property management companies, attend after hours  promotional events, association events, and increase the visibility, stature and image of the company by taking a leading and active role in various associations.
    5. To maintain marketing supplies including treats and creative and effective promotional items.
    6. To maintain marketing expense reports, ensure marketing vehicle is clean/properly maintained.
    7. To maintain Sales Force documentation of sales activity, submit a daily report summarizing each client visit, and end-of-the-week statistics with back up documentation for commissions earned.
    8. To propose for approval and execution of quarterly&long term overall marketing plan broken down to weekly doable, verified and reported completed steps toward overall accomplishment which is within company current budget.
    9. To submit revision of original plan and strategy based on measured success or lack thereof.
    10. A minimum of 30-40 visits per week is expected, to ensure that you meet your sales targets. To that purpose, you should be prepared to make 10 to 20 phone calls per day for making appointment; send out 20 to 30 proposals every single week.
  • What are the required technical and/or administrative competencies?

    Technical competencies include sales ability and business etiquette and acumen. Some experience in the water damage recovery industry is a plus.

  • What are the required personality and behavioral characteristics?

    Team work and coordination with Operations, Accounts, and management is essential for success. The required personality and behavioral characteristics are first and foremost an ability to command proper control on the part of others, personal integrity above financial desires, skillful in communication and interpersonal relations, and exhibition of competence in ability and quick and correct estimation or grasp of changing situations. Enjoys life and people in general, and a natural affinity and compassion for fellow man and fosters same in others for self. Positive outlook on life in general, goal orientated, competitive, ambitious, and properly placed confident determination with correct assessment of existing obstacles; with backup stats. Enjoys and puts healthy contribution to others above personal gain. Comfortable and able to be in the lime light taking charge in the forefront. Eloquent public speaker

  • What impact could a good or a bad decision on the job have on the division and the company performance?

    The impact of unrealistic or poor judgment and planning can hurt the financial health of the company directly. An inability to ask for the order when you see the client needs our help will make your job miserable – and your performance poor. You must have the following attitude: “If the client needs our services, I am a criminal if I do not close him.”

  • What are the planned salary and other compensations?

    Salary is based on accurate assessment of skill and ability ($30,000-$55,000) plus bonus – typically 1-3% of gross profit of referred work. This can amount up to $3,000-5,000, monthly.


  • What training program is planned for fast results achievement?

    Ride along training for two weeks initially. Several training sessions (one-on-one presentation) are also planned, depending on individual needs. We also have periodic hired professional sales and networking training programs. Performance appraisals are made based on reported weekly stats, to diagnose any need for improvement.

  • Is there any career opportunity within the group?

    The career opportunities include supervisorial position as Sales Manager and Business Development into new markets including large loss national commercial business accounts.

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