Free Fire Board-Up

Free Fire Board-Up
Immediately after a fire, the last thing you want to worry about is who is going to restore your home. You want to be with your family and have the time to make important decisions about what to do next. We understand this and want to offer you a completely free service that will allow you to do just that.

Before you can leave the scene of a fire, you need to ensure that your house is safely boarded up. This will prevent anyone from being able to enter your house and protect you against liability should anything happen while the house is in its unsafe state. The firefighters on the scene won’t let you leave until the board-up is done.

Our Free Fire Board-Up Service

We are offering you a free board-up. We will board-up your windows and doors and you will be able to leave and make sure your family is okay and get a break from this traumatic experience. Your house will be secure. This service normally costs between $2,000 and $4,000; all we are asking in return is that within the next few days, you let us give you an evaluation of the damage and a written estimate to restore your home.

We know that if you had time to choose a company, you would pick us. We have a really amazing service at a fair price. And we’re going to make you happy. All you have to do is give us permission to board-up your house and agree to let us give a quote on your home restoration before you decide which restoration company to use. If you decide to use a different company, you don’t owe us anything. If you decide to go with us and your insurance is going to pay your entire bill, we’ll take $1000 off of your deductible.

Your Responsibility

Free Evaluation & Written EstimateBy accepting this free offer, you agree to let our project manager give you a professional estimate before you choose your vendor. You agree to hold off on signing any other contract until we are given a chance to give you a quote on your complete home restoration. If we can’t bid the job within the window of time you need it by (usually 3-6 days), we will not charge you for the board-up. If you don’t give us the chance to give you a quote after accepting the free board-up and choose to sign a contract with someone else, you will be charged for the board-up service. Often, insurance will cover this charge, but you are responsible for ensuring it is paid.